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ABOUT bryson meunier

Chicago’s only Indie Rock SEO

Bryson Meunier has been working professionally as an SEO since 2000. He is currently an SEO for Intuit QuickBooks, where he’s been since 2021. He has had a column in Search Engine Land since 2009 and has written for Search Engine JournalSmashing MagazineNet Magazine and more. He was named one of the top SEO experts to follow by Search Engine Journal and won the Digiday award for best search campaign with QuickBooks in 2022. He thinks SEO can never die as long as there are search engines with organic listings, as the best SEOs evolve with the search engines. He is available for consulting for interesting projects and when time permits with his consultancy, AlgoFAV LLC.

Bryson Meunier is an amateur musician and singer songwriter who plays multiple instruments and can be found playing music in his free time around Chicago. He writes original indie rock music as Mumble Monkey.

Bryson Meunier is the founder and President of Pro Bono SEO, which is a nonprofit dedicated to bringing visibility to worthwhile causes, including Mirror Stream, where he wrote this comprehensive guide to donating to Ukraine war relief efforts.

Bryson Meunier is a husband and father of three kids in Park Ridge, IL. He is a proud liberal and is a member of Action Ridge, which promotes principles of democracy locally. Having been touched by depression and suicide in his own life, he supports causes like the American Foundation for the Prevention of Suicide and the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Bryson advocates tolerance and compassion and has friends with diverse faiths, but is himself a proud Atheist and secular Humanist. He has been sober since 2019 and recommends Athletic Brewing Co for other former craft beer enthusiasts who are not hangover enthusiasts.