Starting Monday I’m going to start answering the most common questions I’ve heard as an SEO dealing in the mobile space and posting them to a new Mobile SEO FAQ. I came up with 18 of the most common questions I’ve heard during the last three years of specialization and broke them out into the following categories: Basics, Opportunity, Development/Indexing and Ranking/Analytics. Beginning Monday I’ll answer one of these per day for the next four weeks in an attempt to move the conversation forward on mobile search optimization. I’m listing the questions below. If you can think of others that you believe need addressed, please list them in the comments of this post. If I agree, I’ll add them to the Mobile SEO FAQ.


  1. What is mobile SEO?
  2. How does SEO for mobile devices differ from SEO for the desktop?
  3. How does mobile SEO differ from mobile marketing?
  4. Where can I learn more about Mobile SEO?
  5. Is Mobile Search Optimization the same as Local Mobile Search?


  1. Will mobile SEO become obsolete?
  2. Why should I allocate budget to Mobile Search Optimization?
  3. What are the top keywords/industries for mobile search?
  4. Which engines should I focus my mobile optimization efforts on?
  5. How can I understand the opportunity for my business in mobile search?


  1. What programming language is best for mobile SEO?
  2. Is validation important for mobile SEO?
  3. Should I use MetaTXT to help search engines find my content?


  1. Are there rank checkers for mobile search results?
  2. Are there keyword tools for mobile queries?
  3. Do desktop analytics work for mobile devices?
  4. Is dotmobi better for mobile search engine optimization than dotcom?
  5. What are some of the key ranking factors for mobile search?