This blog has been getting a little more attention lately, having been mentioned in MediaPost a few times and added to the TopRank BigList in the last two weeks, and I wanted to use the increased visibility to address any new readers that might also be my neighbors in Chicago.

I started a Meetup group specifically for SEO professionals in Chicago a few months ago. Since then, small business owners, webmasters, developers, content editors, freelancers and agency SEOs alike have been meeting once a month in the city of big shoulders to discuss our web sites and share best practices. It’s really a great opportunity for those who don’t know SEO all that well to learn from the professionals, and an opportunity for the professionals to connect with the webmaster community in a more direct way than the sometimes impersonal forums allow. Since SEO is not just about communicating to other SEOs, but to all content owners within an organization, this kind of monthly discussion can be beneficial to SEO professionals of all levels, and help all of us do our jobs better.

If you haven’t yet joined us for the discussion, please do. We meet the second Sunday of every month at the Mercury Café in West Town. For more details, visit