What are you going to be doing at 12pm EST tomorrow, Tuesday January 20, 2009? If you’ve turned on a television or glanced at a newspaper or online media source in the past several weeks, you know that many people will be tuning in to the inauguration of Barack Obama at that time. However, if you have a Tivo/DVR and want to take advantage of the momentum mobile has this year, I would think about Tivoing the inauguration and tuning in to Cindy Krum’s webinar on mobile marketing instead.

Here’s Cindy’s description of the webinar content, from Rank-Mobile.com:

The webinar talks about how mobile can help marketers reach customers in the most targeted and personal way possible, right when they are making a purchase decision. This workshop will be great for online marketers, but also with off-line marketers who want to bridge the gap between on and off-line marketing. We will focus on mobile SEO and development, but also briefly cover SMS and mobile email strategies. I will cover how mobile fits into the marketing mix. Mobile isn’t meant to stand on its own, so we will discuss how it can be most effectively integrated into your existing marketing campaigns. The workshop will discuss 10 ways to get started in mobile marketing, and fill focus on the three tenants of a good mobile marketing strategy: findability, interactivity and usability.

Many of you may have seen Cindy championing mobile at various search engine conferences, including both SMX and SES. I’ve had the pleasure to learn from Cindy years ago in those sessions, and to share a panel this past December at SES Chicago. Cindy is a member of our Mobile SEO group, and the co-chair of the SEMPO Emerging Technologies mobile web committee that I belong to. So while I can’t speak specifically to the content of Tuesday’s seminar, I’m sure that those who are able to attend will get their money’s worth in terms of specific takeaways for mobile marketing in 2009.

If you are able to attend, please let us know what you thought of it, either in the comments of this post, or at the Mobile SEO group.

More information, including a link to register for the event, can be found on Cindy’s blog.

Think of it this way: the inauguration is sure to be televised. And re-televised. And will exist on YouTube for generations to come. This may be your only chance to learn ten things to help you get started in mobile marketing in 2009.