Faithful readers of the FindResolution blog and followers of my bookmarks will know this already, but I have a new post up at the FindResolution blog about enterprise SEO and preparing for Q4 now. If you manage digital content for a Fortune 500 site, you may be as tired as I am of the focus so many SEO sites seem to have on optimization for small business sites. No doubt small businesses are equally important, and there are far more people optimizing content for small to mid-size businesses (including me and my team), but there are a number of us out here with other problems that don’t get nearly as much attention.

For example…

What does KEI matter when I’m working with a site that has a toolbar PageRank that rivals Google?

Why do I care about acquiring links when my CMS is scrambling the massive natural link popularity that I already have?

Web search traffic is fine, but how do we expand our reach through mobile search optimization, image search optimization, local search optimization and video SEO?

And of course, how can we implement SEO best practices throughout an organization when best practices for branding, design and development are often at odds?

My FindResolution post is largely about this last question, offering advice to enterprise SEOs to get started sooner rather than later in communicating your Q4 initiatives.

Having started optimizing at, and currently managing natural search strategy for a number of blue chip clients, enterprise SEO is important to me. There are a number of less visible blogs and columns that I subscribe to that post occasionally on the topic (or in Aaron’s case, exclusively), but in general the information available on optimizing larger sites is scarce at best. Is this because enterprise SEOs are scarce as well, or because they don’t find much in the current search blog landscape that pertains to them?

The answer might be a combination of both. Nonetheless, as I am an enterprise SEO and part of the current search blog landscape, I will be looking out for the big guy, as well as their better-publicized small business counterparts. The FindResolution article is just a start.

Am I falling on deaf ears? Are there any enterprise SEOs out there? What other enterprise SEO-specific problems would you contribute to the conversation?