I know I said years ago that the time for mobile was now, but now it really is now. Really.

The Google Mobile Ads team has been bullish on mobile for marketers for a while, doing some excellent videos and blog posts highlighting the opportunity, including this minute and a half full of some of the most important stats for convincing your boss/your client/your CMO/your CEO that mobile is worth investing in. As they say in the video, “Your customers are on mobile; as a marketer, you need to be on mobile, too. It’s time to use mobile to your advantage. And it’s not too late to be early.”

Take a look and pass it around to those who still need convincing.

Unfortunately, we should add the Google Search Quality team to that list, as there are too many desktop pages that take too long to load and aren’t relevant to the mobile user experience in Google Search at the moment. Here’s hoping the Google Mobile Ads team and the Google Search Quality team get together sometime soon for a lunch and learn.