Speaking at SMX East for the first time this October. One panel is on the knowledge graph and semantic search, and one is called “Meet Siri: Apple’s Google Killer?

I don’t know what the other panelists think about it, but after playing with Siri for about an hour, quizzing her on various things I normally use Google for, it was pretty clear to me that Siri has a long way to go before she kills Google. In fact, at this point she would be lucky to give a black eye to Bing. Basically every query that’s not local or computational in nature she punts to Google.

More in the panel, as well as optimization tips for Siri. But I wanted to share this screenshot that sums up why Siri is not quite there yet. In her own words…

Yeah, thanks Siri.

She also misinterpreted or sent all of the queries from Google Hot Trends today to Google. For example, most people would expect that a search for [freddie mercury] would return information about the former Queen frontman; but Siri thought I wanted to buy a car…

The gist of it is, if this personal assistant punts everything to Google, and gives incorrect answers to common queries, how on Earth is that supposed to kill Google? Perhaps it will improve in the future, but if you want a personal assistant on your phone today, the Galaxy Nexus with Google Now is a better bet. Eliminate the middle man.

Looking forward to what the other panelists have to say at SMX East. Be sure to register if you want to learn more. Use promo code smxspeaker15 to save 15% off an all access pass.