It can be difficult for newcomers to learn SEO. As I found out when I was learning ten plus years ago, there’s so much bad information out there that it can be challenging to say the least to ensure that the information you’re getting is valid. It’s similar to how learning mobile SEO is today, actually.

It’s easier than it was when I was learning, as Google now has a Webmaster team and fantastic help center that helps webmasters and marketers understand how to make content more relevant to users and search engines.

There are also training courses for those who don’t have the time or energy to filter through the entire help section and get the information that’s relevant to them. Back in 2007 I was the first graduate of SEMPO Institute’s Advanced SEO program, and I’ve learned quite a bit since then about SEO, and particularly SEO for users accessing search engines through mobile devices.

I was honored recently to be asked to teach a course in mobile SEO by Marketing Profs University. It’s part of a larger 13-course training seminar being taught by some of the most recognized experts in the industry, including Rand Fishkin, Lee Odden, Stephan Spencer, Eric Ward and others. Each course includes both a recorded seminar, as well as an opportunity to ask questions to the experts about SEO.

My class is called Mobile Search Marketing Advantage, with an emphasis on the SEO part of search marketing. In it I cover how to secure budget for mobile search marketing, 18 differences between mobile SEO and desktop SEO, and the top five action items for marketers looking to make a dent in mobile search this year. Here’s the description from the site:

The Mobile Search Marketing Advantage

Bryson Meunier�Director of Content Solutions, Resolution Media

Wednesday, September 28�1:30pm-2:30pm ET

Mobile search is set to surpass desktop search in four short years, according to IDC, and Google’s mobile search product manager expects mobile search to surpass desktop search even sooner than that. When that happens, will your business be ready? Maybe not, as 79% of businesses don’t have a mobile website. In this class, we’ll look at the ins and outs of mobile search and discuss the best practices your competitors haven’t even started to think about yet.

You will learn:

Mobile website or apps�which is best for your business
How mobile search engine optimization (SEO) differs from traditional SEO
Today’s top five mobile search marketing action items

If you want to learn what I know about mobile SEO, this is probably the best opportunity to do so without hiring Resolution Media.

Since you read this blog, MarketingProfs has allowed me to offer a discount to you, my readers. If you use the promotional code RMVIP when registering you’ll save at least $200 on the regular price.

As someone who is involved in hiring SEOs pretty regularly, I think a course like this goes a long way in supplementing whatever limited experience a candidate might have. And since this particular course is taught by some of the giants (not me) in the search marketing industry, this is quite a deal that MPU is offering.

Check out the site and the full agenda here. If you’re interested in registering, use the promo code RMVIP at checkout and save $200.