Got your attention, didn’t I?

Actually, Matt hasn’t yet discussed mobile search ranking factors to my knowledge, though he has discussed the mobile search opportunity in 2009 many times in various interviews. This can change, however, if democracy is not against me, and if you also want to see him speak about SEO for mobile users for a change.

The Google Webmaster Channel on YouTube is one of the most interesting things happening in SEO right now, in no small part because of Matt’s Grab Bag, which is a Q&A session where Matt answers webmaster questions on YouTube. As head of Web Spam for Google, Matt has been the unofficial unelected leader of the white hat SEO community for several years now, and he’s currently using Google Moderator to take questions from webmasters and SEOs. People in the community can vote them up or down, and if they make it to the top of the list, Matt will address them on camera, giving Google’s official stance on popular SEO issues.

The problem with this is that there are many different types of SEOs, and many of them still don’t understand why they should be concerned with reaching mobile users through search. You and I know that mobile search is outpacing desktop search, to the point where Eric Schmidt has predicted that it will become the primary search mode in a matter of years, “not decades”, and that Google ranks mobile sites ahead of desktop results for queries that they’ve identified as mobile. We also have a basic idea of Google’s best practices for mobile webmasters. What we don’t know exactly is the types of things that Google considers most important for webmasters and mobile webmasters to be thinking about when it comes to mobile SEO.

If you want to know, please join me in asking Matt on Google Moderator.  If you want to see Matt’s take on our mobile-specific niche of SEO, please use the checkmark to vote the question to the top of the list.