Several good things going on, including a guide to mobile keyword research and mobile analytics and a nod to R/W/W’s 85 piece mobile search toolkit from last year with my own mobile search marketing toolkit for 2008. Hold tight. In the interim, I’d like to join David Berkowitz in saluting Mobile Marketer for putting together quite a guide to mobile marketing in 2008.

Only two of the 44 pages are exclusive to mobile search, and it’s mostly about the challenges associated with it, but this quote from Phil Stelter on the opportunity inherent in mobile search should probably be committed to memory:

Good preparation from a mobile SEO perspective in the coming year could mean the difference between capitalizing on an emerging channel in the early stages or facing a significant opportunity cost down the line. Consider the companies that optimized their sites for search engines in the late ’90s. They reaped a massive volume of traffic and learned key lessons when it was not costly to do so. There are companies nearly a decade later that are still just beginning to realize the work they need to do and the cost of their delay.

Repeat that to your boss, your clients, and everyone you tell mobile is going to be huge in 2008 to, and search will be a part of it.

If there are any of you in the audience who are looking for a post more related to the natural search aspect of this blog than the mobile SEO aspect, head over to the new Resolution Media blog Find Resolution, where I respond to Mike Grehan’s article on The Diminishing Value of the SEO Shop with my own thoughts on what an SEO Shop should be.