When you spend enough time around something you start to hear the same questions from users, particularly those who are just getting started in the space. On the Internet the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) was invented specifically for this purpose. I know that I learned quite a bit about many topics using FAQs, including SEO in the early days of the practice. What follows is my attempt to compile common questions about Mobile SEO into one frequently asked questions document. Hopefully the answers can help others understand what is meant by Mobile SEO, and how the practice can benefit a business.

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m starting this series with a definition of mobile SEO. For the next four weeks I will be answering a question every work day until this FAQ is complete.

Update: My ambition conflicted with my holiday schedule/workload, unfortunately. I won’t be putting any timeline on this until after the holidays, but will work to continue posting new answers until then.

This mobile SEO FAQ is a work in progress that depends on community input. Please contribute your thoughts to the comments section. The body of the post will be updated periodically with the best insights, and your contributions will be recognized in the contributors section of the FAQ.


  1. What is mobile SEO?
  2. How does SEO for mobile devices differ from SEO for the desktop?
  3. How does mobile SEO differ from mobile marketing?
  4. Where can I learn more about Mobile SEO?
  5. Is Mobile Search Optimization the same as Local Mobile Search?


  1. Will mobile SEO become obsolete?
  2. Why should I allocate budget to Mobile Search Optimization?
  3. What are the top keywords/industries for mobile search?
  4. Which engines should I focus my mobile optimization efforts on?
  5. How can I understand the opportunity for my business in mobile search?


  1. What programming language is best for mobile SEO?
  2. Is validation important for mobile SEO?
  3. Should I use MetaTXT to help search engines find my content?


  1. Are there rank checkers for mobile search results?
  2. Are there keyword tools for mobile queries?
  3. Do desktop analytics work for mobile devices?
  4. Is dotmobi better for mobile search engine optimization than dotcom?
  5. What are some of the key ranking factors for mobile search?