I want to preface this post by saying that I am employed full-time by Resolution Media and am offering this limited mobile marketing checklist and guide for a nominal fee in order to help those who don’t have the resources to hire me and my colleagues at Resolution Media, or employ an agency or consultant to help them in their SEO efforts. It’s not an alternative to hiring an agency or a consultant, but it’s an affordable way to begin to understand mobile SEO indexing and ranking factors for those who have no other options. If you’re interested in partnering with an industry leader for your long-term natural search (including mobile) strategy, the checklist and mobile SEO seminar I’m about to describe are definitely not a substitute. They are, however, good places to start for the uninitiated, and the nominal fee allows me to control access to the information, while helping those who read this blog and are interested in mobile SEO get a taste of the type of understanding that’s necessary to execute mobile SEO successfully, even if they have limited budgets. If you want to discuss a long-term partnership with thought leaders in monetizing emerging media, including mobile search, you can hire me and my team on a full-time basis by contacting Resolution Media.

Mobile SEO Guide

I was fortunate to have been a part of Kim Dushinski’s Mobile Marketing Launch Kit teleseminar series this past December, where I spoke for over an hour on a live call about indexing and ranking mobile sites.

    Topics included the following:

  • How does mobile marketing differ from mobile SEO?
  • What is mobile SEO and what is it not?
  • What advantages does mobile SEO have over other mobile marketing channels?
  • How is mobile SEO different from desktop SEO?
  • Should brands create a mobile-specific site?
  • What search engines are important for mobile SEO?
  • Is meta txt an effective method for mobile SEO?
  • What are mobile users searching for?
  • Is having a dotMobi domain important for mobile SEO?
  • How do you do mobile keyword research?
  • Are mobile links important for mobile SEO?


If you missed the call, you can now buy the audio portion here for $50 (Paypal/Visa/Mastercard), as Kim was kind enough to give me the file to sell on my web site. To supplement it, I’m also offering an exclusive mobile SEO checklist for $30 that can help marketers and developers identify problem areas of their mobile or desktop sites. You can also buy both together and save $5.

If you’re new to mobile marketing, Kim’s mobile marketing launch kit provides very specific information from leaders in the space that can help you get on the fast track to mobile profits. Her kit has information on mobile strategy, mobile advertising, text messaging, etc, in addition to the mobile SEO module, and retails for $497. You can buy it from her site (find it under “Action Plan” in the top nav).

Because the mobile SEO module is lacking context and I’m selling it directly, I’m offering it for 50% of the price with all modules together. So for fifty bucks you’ll get to hear me speak about many of the issues in the mobile SEO FAQ that I haven’t gotten around to completing yet (and may not for a while). If you’re looking for a headstart in your mobile optimization efforts, this affordable audio file could be what you need.

Buy Module 3 of the Mobile Marketing Launch Kit for $50 US:

For advanced and beginner mobile SEOs I’m also offering a mobile SEO checklist to help optimizers make their mobile sites and desktop sites accessible to search engines, and relevant for mobile queries. What I’ve done is compile about every mobile search ranking factor I’ve ever heard of into one downloadable PDF. If you buy it for a mere $30 you get 50 common problems web sites face when it comes to being indexed and ranking in mobile search results. Some of these are signals in desktop SEO as well that have a greater importance for mobile search. Others are specific to mobile SEO (24 of the 50, actually). And some are issues that I’ve encountered that I haven’t read anywhere else.

Buy the 2009 Mobile SEO Checklist for $30 US:

Buy both as a mobile SEO tool kit and you’ll save $5:

Ready to monetize your mobile site or desktop site by optimizing it for mobile traffic? Would you rather scour the web for hours looking for insights and experts in this emerging field? Unfortunately there’s currently no Mobile SEO book or mobile SEO for dummies, but the mobile SEO checklist and the mobile SEO teleseminar should contain everything you need to get your mobile SEO campaign off the ground.