Given that I’m a voracious reader of Search Engine Land and great admirer of Danny Sullivan, Chris Sherman and others involved in the blog, it’s my great pleasure to also be a contributor to Search Engine Land.

My first article went up today and asks the question “Has the iPhone Made Mobile SEO Obsolete?” If you’re a regular reader of this blog I’m sure you can guess what my answer is, but it’s an important argument to make since people have been answering this question in the affirmative since I began doing mobile SEO in 2005. If you like it, Sphinn it, Digg it, do your worst.

This will be a monthly mobile search column in Search Engine Land, beginning next month. To get the latest updates, subscribe to my article feed on my author page.

One addition to the article. I included 4 examples of search engine research that indicate that mobile search behavior and desktop search behavior are different, but only two of the links were included in the article. These are the four that I listed if anyone’s interested in all: