Many exciting things going on and no time to report. However, you can keep yourselves busy with the new Mobile SEO Wiki. Design4Mobile recently did a wiki page on mobile SEO as part of their wonderful mobile design wiki, but I wanted to expand the content and invite my mobile SEO friends to contribute to a mobile SEO-specific wiki. Eventually this info will hopefully become a part of Wikipedia and shared freely among those in the know, but first the community needs to agree on what mobile SEO is and what it is not. I have been following mobile SEO since about 2005, and I have yet to see that consensus among experts in this field.

So, as they say in the states (and especially at poker games in the states), put up or shut up. I give to you, the Mobile SEO Wiki. Please make it useful for others if you can. If you can’t, please don’t post your irrelevant links programmatically, as they will be deleted if they’re published at all.


With the help of Shinji, I have posted basic info as a springboard for other contributors, but the more contributions the merrier. Questions on publishing edits, please let me know.