Just a quick footnote to my recent Search Engine Land post on not expecting mobile web transcoding services to be automatically optimized for search– I was digging around some other popular m-commerce solutions and found that some other vendors have similar issues when it comes to creating mobile content that can’t be found in search engines. If you’re using Digby for an m-commerce solution, for example, be aware that the mobile content for two of their most well-known clients– Toys R Us and 1-800-Flowers.com is disallowed via robots.txt. So while the sites are indexed, and can be found if you enter the URL into Google, they are nofollowed, and won’t come up for even the most navigational brand search, let alone competitive mobile searches. This may have been deliberate, as there are people who believe mobile web sites are duplicate content (more on why I think this is misguided here and here), but if you represent a business who is thinking mobile SEO will be a part of Digby’s mobile web portal solution, you should know that at this time, it’s not.

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