I wanted to break the silence for a minute to let readers know that, in spite of my apparent inactivity, I am actually hard at work. This is my personal blog, so updating it is not always a priority; but it will be updated soon enough with more original content on natural search and mobile SEO. Several things in the works, including a mobile SEO’s guide to mobile site creators, version 2 of the mobile SEO’s guide to mobile analytics, an iPhone query study, an update of the Mobile SEO White Paper, and a few other things. In the interim, you may be interested in checking out any one of several articles and blog posts that have come out recently:

Search Marketing Standard

Mobile Optimization Essentials
Fall 2008 issue
The article is only in the print version of the magazine, but if you have access to a copy I would highly recommend checking it out. Includes articles by mobile gurus Kim Dushinski and Bena Roberts, as well as information that I hadn’t shared on this blog previously about mobile SEO.If you’ve read the article, please leave your comments in the article’s forum.


Don’t Pay $6 Million for SEO
Published September 9, 2008
About the recent Target accessibility settlement, and how it impacts SEO.

SEO Stands for “Always Keep Learning”
Published August 25, 2008
Five tips for learning search marketing beyond conferences.

SEO Doesn’t Die. SEOs do.
Published August 18, 2008
A response to the recent SEO is dead resurgence. Personally I think the movement is better off dead.

A Quick Lesson in Title Tag Optimization
Published August 13, 2008
Quick steps to title tag improvements, using Search Engine Watch as an example.

SEO for Broadcast Media
Published July 24, 2008
How to optimize a television commercial for search.

Google Makes Flash Better, Not Best for SEO
Published July 10, 2008
About the recent improvements from Google in indexing Flash.

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Thanks again for your patience. Stay tuned to the Natural Search and Mobile SEO blog for more original insights into SEO and mobile.