Many of you remember the Mobile Search Optimization white paper that Resolution Media developed in August of last year. We developed it partially
as a vehicle to help brands understand the opportunity inherent in mobile
search, but primarily to help them navigate the mobile search landscape with as
much knowledge to succeed as possible. It served its purpose at the time, but
an update is in order.

I’ve already begun updating it and will be releasing a
serialized version on this blog in the next couple months. For now I’ve moved
the PDF version of the white paper to its new home on this blog. Please update
your bookmarks. I’ll be permanently redirecting it and the domain soon.

In other news, I have a new post on the FindResolution Query Marketing blog
about the disparity between mobile web usage and mobile advertising budgets. Recent
reports indicate that the mobile web is growing in America, but advertisers
still don’t know the best way to approach it. In the article I offer several
solutions. Would be interested in other perspectives as well.

Also, if you have access to the March 2008 issue of
Visibility Magazine, I have an article inside about the basics of Mobile
Optimization. Read the text article here: Mobile Optimization.

Finally, I’m finishing up work on a study of iPhone queries
and a basic process for iPhone optimization, which I’ll be releasing later this
month. Thanks for your patience. More good stuff on the way.

Update, 2/22/2009: A new mobile SEO guide, which includes a mobile SEO checklist and an hour long interview I did for Kim Dushinski’s Mobile Marketing Launch Kit can be found here.