I’ve been keeping busy this month with various endeavors (including vacations, wedding planning, article writing, client support and process development), but I’ll be continuing to post new content in the near future to this blog. In the meantime, here are various articles I’ve written in the past few weeks to keep you entertained and informed until the next update. Thanks for your patience, and for paying attention to the Natural Search and Mobile SEO Blog!

Google Ad Planner is Early Christmas for Search Marketers
Published June 26, 2008
Recent FindResolution post explaining the benefits of Google Ad Planner to search marketers–specifically smarter link building and better keyword targeting.

Going Mobile the Right Way
Published June 16, 2008
Why just go mobile when you could go mobile and drive profit? I ask this question in a new DM News Search Buzz column and provide several strategies for doing both.

Qualities of a Good SEO
Published June 1, 2008
For the benefit of hiring managers facing an inexperienced job market and SEOs trying to compete in the space, I try to articulate those personality traits that separate the good from the great SEOs I’ve known or trained.

Increase Qualified Traffic with Query Intent
Published May 16, 2008
More about the importance of qualifying keywords with perceived user query intent.