Though this is primarily a blog dealing with optimizing mobile content for mobile search engines, in my role as a consultant I need to understand how to optimize many types of digital content for many types of search engines. In this industry I’ve met many who are mobile marketers first and SEOs second. I’m an SEO first and a mobile marketer second. That said, it always perplexes me when I hear my fellow SEOs claim that SEO for mobile is basically SEO for the web, as in many cases the two couldn’t be more different.

If you’re wondering how they’re different, and you haven’t done it yet, be sure to check out my two-part post on the new FindResolution blog, How Mobile SEO is Different, which outlines five key differences between SEO and its mobile counterpart.

Stay tuned this week to the Natural Search and Mobile SEO Blog, where I will be posting more original content related to SEO for Mobile, including a review of several mobile analytics providers and what they offer to the mobile SEO.