Very happy to announce that I’ll be speaking again this year at SMX West in San Jose, CA. This will be my third year speaking at the event, and it’s always a very informative, very fun three days.

If you’ve never been before, there really is something for everyone. I’m primarily interested in the Enterprise SEO sessions, but they have several tiers in the agenda so that anyone can learn something, regardless of knowledge level. If you haven’t read it yet, be sure to read through Chris Sherman’s insider’s preview for a better sense of why you should join us.

The session I will be presenting at is all about multiplatform search behavior, and I’ll be going deep on a topic that is near and dear to me: mobile search behavior. If you were intrigued by some of my past ruminations on how mobility changes search behavior and you want to hear more, keep your schedule open that last slot of March 9. As old as mobile search is, I really think this is the beginning of something that will deeply affect how SEOs and SEMs create and optimize campaigns. Getting up to speed today prepares you even better for the future. If you’re an SEO, think about Eric Ward’s link building work for in the early days of the Internet. It’s impossible to get in early as a link builder these days, but if you had the chance to attend a link building seminar with Eric Ward in 1998, wouldn’t you? In some ways, mobile and multiplatform search behavior is the link building of today. Marketers who understand how to take advantage of it today will have an advantage for years to come.

Hope to see you there!