Highlights from my delicious bookmarks for the week of March 30, 2008.

Mobile as Bridge Between Old Media, Internet and POS
Several mobile visual search developments position mobile as a way of tracking success of print and broadcast media.

Bango announces high mobile conversion rates
Probably not a good idea to release this on April Fool’s Day, but 2-8% average conversion rate is no laughing matter.

Large database of mobile device information.

Microsoft To Upgrade Mobile IE Browser, Live Search For Mobile With New Mapping Features And Voice Search For Blackberries
MSN announces new mobile search improvements, including voice search for Blackberries.

Find Resolution: Building Links with Big Brand Websites, Part 2
Tactics for link building for larger sites.

Yahoo Introduces Wide Range Of Mobile Search Improvements
Information on the Yahoo! mobile voice et al announcement.

Today’s iPhone Users are Young, Rich, and Technically Savvy – ReadWriteWeb
More iPhone demographic information.

CTIA: Sprint Uses ‘Instinct’ To Compete With iPhone – InformationWeek
Here come the iPhone clones. Announcing Instinct.

Inside the Marketers Studio: Five Paths to Mobile Search
Great post about different mobile search use cases.

Jupiter Research Predicts Big Business For Mobile Ads, Marketing : Mobile Marketing Watch
“Jupiter Research sees little reason to doubt that mobile advertising and marketing will continue expanding and thriving in the coming years.”