Thought Leadership from Chicago-based SEO and Mobile Marketer, Bryson Meunier

Bryson Meunier is a marketing consultant, SEO expert and mobile marketer in Chicago specializing in helping brands drive efficient volume to digital content by leveraging consumer behavior to drive relevant, non-interruptive content to users.

As an Associate Director of Content Solutions at Resolution Media, an Omnicom Media Group Company, an original architect of Resolution Media’s natural search product, and the first search marketer at, Bryson has over ten years experience optimizing web sites to drive qualified traffic from relevant query-driven digital content. He currently works with the Resolution Media content team to help drive SEO strategy and execution for Resolution Media direct clients, and to help clients adopt emerging technologies when they are relevant to their business. If you are looking for a best-in-class search marketing solution, contact Resolution Media to see first-hand how we can use relevant messaging to solve for your business needs.

Since 2007, has been the home of the Natural Search and Mobile SEO Blog. In January of 2010, the Natural Search and Mobile SEO Blog became three more targeted blogs in order to address the needs of marketers today.

The part of that is focused on Mobile SEO has been moved to in order to focus on this rapidly developing practice of optimizing content for searchers on mobile devices.  The site is currently in beta, but contains a list of Mobile SEO best practices, as well as articles by some of the thought leaders in mobile SEO.

Bryson’s experience in mobile and search both focus on delivering qualified traffic by focusing on connecting consumers with relevant messaging and products. His blog, Pushing Relevance, explores ways in which marketers can begin to make their content as relevant to their audience as possible, using mobile marketing, search marketing, local marketing, and other forms of relevant marketing that users want to respond to.

Since September 2007, Bryson has been the founder and organizer of the Chicago SEO Meetup— a nonprofit group dedicated to supporting the education and networking needs of Search Engine Optimizers in Chicago, Illinois. The group, now more than 400 members strong, meets monthly to discuss issues in SEO in downtown Chicago. Sign up or RSVP for the Meetup here.

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