Being an optimizer, I’m always on the lookout for data that will help me understand what the people who come to my site want. Though many people think of this as a mobile blog, most of my visitors come from image searches for flying car, or looking for niche keywords like video searches from YouTube. I explained a few years ago how to do video keyword research using YouTube, but since then YouTube has actually released a keyword tool of their own, which helps marketers understand the traffic potential around specific keywords.

Using that tool, I recently put the letters of the alphabet on each line, and the tool returned me popular YouTube searches for March of 2010. These are not exhaustive, as I know keywords in other categories that have more volume but are not included here; but it is a good list for helping marketers understand the reach of YouTube, and the intent of its visitors, the latter of which can help them create more relevant campaigns, and drive more conversions from video search.


Top YouTube search keywords from March 2010

Click the image for all 97 keywords returned in the search, or use the tool yourself (or the Video Targeting Tool) to determine opportunity in your industry.

If you’re interested in video search and video marketing and you haven’t yet been to Matt Ballek’s video marketing blog, VidiSEO, be sure to check it out for more great tips on optimizing for YouTube.

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