Just a note to let my readers know that I updated my blogroll today. Since I started this Natural Search and Mobile SEO blog in May of last year, the focus has been as much on mobile search as it has been on desktop SEO, and I wanted to reflect that in the list of blogs I endorse. I also wanted to trim some of the fat, as I noticed several of the blogs on my blogroll were blogs I haven’t read in months, or even, in some cases, unsubscribed from.

The result: 24 links deleted, 11 links added.

I’ve also updated the Mobile SEO Resources page with more great sources of information on mobile SEO.

As an SEO, I take the concept of link equity seriously. As the engines count our links as votes, I want to make sure that I am enabling that democratic spirit on this blog. Many of the links I deleted were too general to be meaningful, and many of the links I’ve added are those that are run by people I interact with in this space regularly, many of whom I’ve met and/or have been kind enough to endorse this blog with a link or two.

It’s very possible for me to overlook quality information related to natural search and mobile SEO. If you are also involved in the space and you don’t see your link in the blogroll or the list of Mobile SEO Resources, the best way to get my attention is by linking to this blog. If I like what you’re doing and think others will too, I will reciprocate without a request.

For those who don’t know me or read my blog regularly, please know that I don’t buy or sell links, so please don’t ask. I am a white hat SEO and an ethical person who doesn’t appreciate those who game the system to the detriment of the rest of us. Comments on this blog are also nofollowed, so forcing me to delete Russian porn spam on a regular basis is a waste of my time and yours.

Otherwise, thanks for paying attention to the Natural Search and Mobile SEO Blog. Here’s to another great year.